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Window Cleaning

Our Method
For the majority of our work we use a pure water fed pole system. De-ionized water will absorb particles of dirt on the glass and dry clear. If you have had a bad experience from a window cleaner using this method before, it is almost certainly because it was simply not done correctly. Sometimes you can get drip marks on the first clean but this should be minimal and will improve as long as the windows are cleaned on a regular basis. Using this method we can access even difficult to reach windows safely from the ground. For internal window cleaning or wherever else necessary we use a traditional method of applicator mop and squeegee blade. Our prices include all frames, panes, sills and doors.
For best results we recommend having your windows cleaned every 6 weeks. However some customers prefer monthly, 2 monthly, 12 weekly or quarterly cleans. We are happy to come as often as you request, although our quoted prices are subject to fitting you in with a round that is nearest to you.
Our preferred method of payment is cash/cheque on the day. Customers who cannot be home when we arrive generally inform us of a safe place where they have left the money (under plant pot by back door for example). Alternatively we will post a slip with our account details so you can make a bank transfer, or you can post a cheque to our address.
Bad weather
A small amount of rain does not stop us from cleaning windows. Rain water itself is actually very pure and will only spot on glass that is already dirty. Heavy wind and rain can obviously splash dirty water on the windows but this is the UK so if it doesn’t rain today, then it probably will tomorrow! So please allow us to continue through bad weather if we deem it safe.

Gutter Clearing

Our Method
Maintaining the gutter system around your property is essential if you want to prevent rain damage to your exterior, ground erosion, and protect landscaping. We have invested in a gutter vacuum system which enables us to clear gutters up to 60ft (4-5 stories) safely from the ground. Aside from being safer, tidier, quicker and easier, clearing gutters this way allows us to access awkward areas that would be unreachable from a ladder. We will clear all gutters, downpipes and accessible gullies. Plus make any necessary minor repairs to ensure water flows away from the building effectively. For high rise buildings we use a wireless camera system to ensure we have completed the work to a good standard and we are happy to provide you with video/photo evidence of your gutters being cleared.
​​​​​​​If your building is near trees or there is a lot of moss on the roof then the gutters will need clearing more frequently. Usually twice a year, once during autumn and then again at the beginning of spring is sufficient. If your gutters fill up very quickly, you may want to consider having balloon guards installed over the downpipes. We don't generally recommend having any other guard through the gutter as it will eventually clog up and then be more difficult to clear. In most cases having the gutters vacuumed regularly will be the most cost effective.

Click here to see our SkyVAC Gutter Vacuum in action!
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UPVC and Conservatory Cleaning

Our Method
Having a UPVC washdown of all the gutters, fascias, soffits and cladding can really make your property sparkle. We do this from the ground with the same waterfed poles that we use for window cleaning. We also use this method for conservatory roofs which can turn green very quickly! For inside conservatories we access roof panels from a step ladder and clean with traditional applicator mop and squeegee.
​​​​​​​We recommend having UPVC cleaned once a year to prevent stains becoming irremovable. Conservatory roofs may need to be done a little more regularly, especially if under trees.


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We have many years experience in the industry, using modern techniques and equipment so that all our work can be carried out safely and to the highest standard with great attention to detail.


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